Love me or let me go.

Your words of love not truly found

Float through the air,and dance around.

A torment to one,who loving you

Struggles with life, to be set free,to love

Someone who can love me.


Feelings creep upon unsuspecting thoughts,

Which won't be disregarded though they ought.

Feelings so caught and never felt,

Rise to the air and there they melt,

But only to rise and hurt again.


What is this power that you yield,

How can you break through a defensive shield

Put up to ward off thoughts of you.

Feelings so strong and ever true,

That will not let me go.


Should not thought waves cross to you,

As sound waves surely do.

Can you not feel this hold on me

That I can feel from you?


So let me go, or love me too,

I cannot bear this pain from you,

A pain that would be gladly borne

If only my love were not forlorn.


No love that can be true you say,

But I love you, though far away.

I did not ask to want you so,

Release your hold and let me go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for 'D' 1972'ish. So many years ago. He's never released his hold and nothing's changed!

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