Stay with me awhile.

If you gave up the world you know,

Just for a while you left the show.


And if your heart would come to me,

Read now of what I think you'd see.


Life's dusty road would turn to gold,

The passage of time could not grow cold.


Our crystal souls would wing their way

And on a higher plain they'd stay.


Your hand in mine would touch the sun

And catch the sunbeams as they run.


And in a silver lake of love,

We'd watch the world,as from above.


Then on a diamond shaft of light

We'd dance together across the night.


And with the new dawns early glow,

The secrets of the universe we'd know.


Then you would take back, your heart,

When came the time we had to part.


But far beyond lifes earthly being,

Your soul and mine would still be fleeing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Don, late 1972. Xx

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