Wishfull Thinking.

I would like to visit favourite places,

See once more old-friends faces.

I would like to suddenly decide

To take a train and enjoy a ride,

To cornish cliffs, and sparkling seas

Country people and cream teas.

I want to go to Canada, Virginia and Maine,

And finally be brave enough to fly there in a plane.

I want to visit Scotland,have a cottage on the moor,

A crackling fire,and toasting fork

And snow outside the door.

I want to ride a 'Harley' and be a biker girl,

The freedom of the open road.I'd like once more to know.

I'd like to go to concerts,hear rockers from my past

Be deafened by the music,played loud and proud and fast.

I'd like a cottage, set in fields,

Which sweep down to the sea.

But most of all, I'd really like

Someone to share it all with me.

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