Starry Night

The ghostly sight

Within that terrible night

Of Death's silent hand

Gripping the town to join the Damned

A crescent moon shines little hope

As the shadows tree of cope

Turned tall and looked of death

Hovering over the town of crystal meth

Roving hills swallowed life

Cutting the stars like a bloody knife

Nothing is real, nothing is here

I am what this town fears

The hallucinations are now gone

Midnight turns to dawn

Where was I?

Though the Starry Nights eye

Is now closed and shut

Towns people are no longer cut

They are awake and alive

Although I can no longer survive

This silent meth town where I stayed

Took me away to nothing as I slowly fade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Van Gogh is inspirational to every person. As we all see different ideas and actions in his works.

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