No More Violence

Broken thoughts

Shattered hearts

Crimson eyes

Peirced by darts

Alone in darkness

Covered in dred

Violence everywhere

Nothing was said

Take the razors

Bind them to your nails

Scratch your God

Make it's life fail

Fail like I did

Lost without your arms

Close them around me

Like you did once with your charm

I tied the rope

Pushed over the chair

Not knowing what was next

Feeling pain grow fair

Why was life so unfair?

Could never smile

Breaking windows

Drinking viles

Poison your veins

Join me in death

It's better this way

Just take your crystal meth

Don't leave me again

I'll kill you on my own

Even in death you'll be triumphent

Hear the meloncholy tones?

They are waiting

For us to be together in silence

This world rips us at the seams

If only there was no more violence

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