The night was screaming

Pale moon in a darkend sky

No one to laugh with

Nowhere to cry

Walked down an alley-way

With rivers gone red

That is what she thirst

As she fills their souls with dread

Lifeless bodies all around

No one knows she's there

She speaks in ancient tongues

Crimson leaks with one significant tear

Licking her lustful blood stained lips

Seeing what she never saw

Wind brushes slowly by

Making her skin feel numb and raw

Sprinting back to the manor

Wanting to be so much more

Not wanting to be dying inside

Just wanting to have a core

Passing through the rusted gates of Hell

And up Heavens solid marble stones

Through the splinterd iron doors

Mirrored faces laughed in meloncoly tones

Living in this lonely mirage

Full of sorrow with nowhere to hide

Eternally tormented by death

Feeling only bloody tears fall as she cries

Layed upon the rooftop

Looking down upon the sky

The stars began to fall upward

As the Earth started to cry

Motionless she decided

Now was the time to go

She slit her wrists

And watched the nothing flow

Chained herself to the end

After writing the last thought she bled

Darkness slept and the flames grew bright

nothing left but what her scroll read

"The blindness of them all

Their venom makes me crawl

Like serpents they strangle my head

Devouring the thoughts I never said"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was an assignment I was given in English, we had to write a gothic story, but I decided to write a poem, cause I am more of a poetry person.

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