No Clean Cut

Well, bed of thorns, I'll tell you

Life for me ain't been no clean cut

Its had splinters

And scars

And burns

And shattered remains-


But all the time

I'se been prying out thorns

And cleaning out the pain

And bandaging my soul

And sometimes healing alone in shadows

So, bed of thorns, don't you leave me

Don't you stop growing thorns

'Cause you finds that you are nailed to me

Don't you pry away

For I'se still have thorns inside

I'se still need a place to hide

And life for me ain't been no clean cut

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a poem i had to write for school and it had to be based on another poets work, so you just added in your own words, so if it reads like another poem you've read just different words and a diff. meaning thats why

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