New Converse or New Man

Back in the Day

I saw you for the first time this summer at practice yesterday

You were as usual staring glances at me out of the corner of you eye, but they were different some how

Then instead of tight jeans and boots with a nice shirt, you were instead in converse, loose blue jeans with a black and white t-shirt

A new look, but it wasn't a new man

You still avoided eye contact, and you still only talked to the other girls when I walked off

your fear of me remembering what you did to me haunts us both

At least you kept the cowboy hat

Haneslty, I am over what happened

so you wanted your cake and eat it too

It happens

I have forgotten everything that you did

everything you said

and who you are is practiacally erased as well

the only thing I can't erase are those words

remember the ones

"I dont know what to do, but I think I might love you too."

They are standing out like nothing else has ever before

Although I know she has not forgotten me, I have forgotten her

She meant nothing It was you I cared about

I could have dealt with thousands of her just to have you

Now looking back, I over reacted, but so did you.

I think we both owe eachother an apology.

Time is moving on, and soon I will be graduating, what do you say we put the past behind us and look forward for a great last year together.  Let me know Cowboy, or should I say New Converse Man?

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