Blue is the color of your enchanting eyes 

Your eyes are like the ocean so vast and deep 

An ocean that is our love, it's everlasting it has no end 

It's calmy waters relax me I want to drown in them 

Your eyes stare into the depths of your soul 

Filled with intelligence, love, energy, ambition and care 

And most importantly I see my heart in there

When I look into your eyes, we are locked as one

Taken into another dimension called love 

It's just us we travel together unbreakable 

We stay eyes locked do you trust me 

Don't let go keep looking 

I feel your heart it matches my beat

Together we are one nothing can defeat 

Us together your eyes take me to another place 

Through life's chaotic hell you are my safe

We are young and have a future together 

We are going to something unbelievable together 

Your eyes tell me this and so much more 

Your eyes locked on mine make me shiver 

Yet your touch makes me warm 

I'm so connected with you, and it's only going to get stronger 

I would sacrifice my life for you 

I'm so glad I met my soul mate at this young age 

I'm so glad you love me, and the feeling is the same 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

73 days into eternity

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