Fantasy of a young girl

Sarah was often alone

And out to all hours of the night

Spending most of her time outdoors

In the park under the oak tree where she rested her head

and never spoke to anyone

Her two sisters found her a bit silly

They didn’t understand her.

Sarah had skin of porcelain and eyes of brown

Her innocence shined through her long wavy blonde hair

At the tender age of 16, she should be socializing

But she only immersed herself in books filled with utopian fantasies

Her two sisters, Jane and Annie, were always the talk of the town

Jane, average height and with long curly brown hair was the eldest sister

and Annie with long straight red hair, was taller was the second eldest

Sarah also has two brothers who came right after them, Sarah was the baby of the family

Sarah was very honest and although she loved her sisters and

They were not the greatest influences on her

Sarah keeping herself to her books would eventually meet bystanders

In the park asking what she was reading

Local vendors would walk by and offering food or drink

Sarah declined each time.

She would not accept offers from anyone

Her parents always warned her to never appear to seem needy

Jane and Annie walked frequently by Sarah and asked her to join their walk around town

Sarah refused. Shy and quiet-- she didn’t like attention

One quiet and dark afternoon, Sarah sat beside her oak tree in the park

Reading another fantasy

When approached by a handsome young man

Dark black hair and crystal blue eyes

A smile so wide, Sarah couldn’t help herself to smile too

He asked why she was alone

It was too dangerous for a woman to be alone in the park in bad weather

Sarah replied that she was fine, she’s not scared of a storm

The mysterious man, who declined his name offered to bring her home

Sarah knew she shouldn’t except, but there was something about him she didn’t understand

She couldn’t resist his offer

She walked side by side with this man she’s never seen before, quietly

He turned to her --

They stared deeply into each other’s eyes

But Sarah turned her head quickly

As she hears her sisters talking loudly about how crazy she is

Jane and Annie look strangely at the man

They demand to be introduced

Sarah stumbles through her words

And as she does the man storms off on his horse

Her sisters shake their heads

“You must be careful Sarah! If he hasn’t told you his name,

something is wrong,”Jane warned.

Annie adds, “you’ve done a good job not talking to anyone this far-- so don’t start now. Especially with those you don’t recognize!”

Sarah agrees with her sisters, but she’s still confused

She looks up at the sky, now blue and bright

This man, something’s wrong, because he darkens the sky

Still she is eager to understand who that man is--

The next day is clear with the sky cloudless

The birds chirping all around -- it was a beautiful day

Sarah goes out to her usually spot in the park underneath the oak tree

Book in hand as always about to let her imagination run wild

A few hours pass by, as Sarah snacks on her shiny red apple

Indulging in all the illusions her book offers -- an escape from reality

The dark handsome man returns and grabs Sarah’s hand

As her body shivers

She didn’t know what she was feeling

But the man knew

“Let’s go away”

“No, I can’t”

Neither of them felt the passion that raged inside them before

For the innocent Sarah, who hardly ever spoke to a man

Was scared and confused, not knowing what to do

Her sisters warned her of things like this

She should go home, but at the same time She wanted him

His eyes never moved away from her

He wanted her too

Sarah went with the man

Excited and out of her element

She knew she was in the right place

The wind grew older as the leaves began to fall from the trees

One landing on her nose--

Sarah awakes-- confused, she didn’t realize she was dreaming

Of one of the stories from her book

She smiles to herself, wishing the dream was real

She stands and composes herself to go home

And sees a man riding down the path on a horse…..

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