My Star

You're my star

That fell from the sky

From beyond the clouds

Way up high

You came straight to me

Like you followed a path

It was destiny

Then with those eyes

Of yours

You set them on me

And I couldn't believe

This was happening

You speak without any tension

You have all of my attention

And with every word you mention

It just makes me more attractedپc

To you

Can't you see?

I'm in love with you?

And do you feel the same way that I do?

Can't go on if we are through

You're the one my heart

Was mean to love

You're my star

From up above

My life was meant

To be shared with you

And you know

That this is true

I know it's kind of

Strange to believe

It's a miracle

Takes faith to see

How wonderful we can be

In a beautiful matrimony

How you found me

I don't know

But with our love

It shows

We can conquer

Anything just have

Faith, love, trust

And just believe

Miracles do come true

don't go to them

They'll come to you

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