I'm Glad

Tears falling down my face

at the thought of you

all the mistakes that you made

too bad they were true

I don't want you back

but look at what we had

now I want you gone

and this feeling isnپft wrong

I should've known

you were too good for me

too much for me to handle

now I've blown out the last candle

You've had time grief

now it's a relief

cuz I couldn't take it anymore

all this hurt I felt inside

could've been prevented

I'm glad we ended

we'll never be the same again

you've made some wrong choices

too late now

I say goodbye

cuz I'm moving on to a better place

where things aren't done on purpose

the look on your face

no one could replace

we were never that close anyway

you never bothered to think

about how I would feel

so selfish of you

I'm glad we're over

I'm glad I'm over you

we're through

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