My poem Their songs


These feeling
Starts at my toes
Then it makes my heart beats faster
Which it only beats for you so listen close
Cause your making me feel like a teenage dream
I know this because we belong together
And I've loved for a thousand years
But sometimes I need you to say something
I think to myself the little things you do make you beautiful
I just don't won't to be somebody you use to know
Because we found love in the hopeless place
That being said I will be loved
Because you’re not at a payphone trying to call home
I'm always right beside you
It’s a fact I love you like a love song 
And being away from you it’s like a year without rain
If you ever doubt my feeling
I have to say you're my one wish
So were going to keep holding on
Since you’re the one I want to chase you’re the one I want to hold
Even when your emotions are hot and cold
But I knew you were trouble when you walked in
I just let it happen 
Because when you smile the whole world stop and stares for a while
This is our love story baby just say yes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All my favorite song , mash into one.. 


i know its not my songs. 


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