~Forgive and Forget to be Forgotten~

You'll put your hand in mine

For another luckless time

Forgive and forget to be forgotten

There's a road ahead that I must travel

These broken lies I must unravel 

I'm fragile

Without love I'll be replaced

Time can take me to another place

And I won't rest until I see your face

So bring out the best

Bring out the worst

Hold me tight

Reverse this curse

I wanna pretend that you don't care

If I die will you be there?

I don't need to see you

I don't need to care

Go on and break me beyond repair

Drop my hand cuz life's not fair

Why would you take it this far?

Should I be worried about the scar?

Her favorite song was Bleeding Love 

Her eyes were like mine

Sparkling like Heaven above

I'll take you where you want to go

Tell me, have you ever seen snow?

I'm inspired by the moon and the stars
So just for tonight let's make it ours