~Happiness is Terminal~

My Mom says everyone is terminal

But I think I'm already dying

And anyone who says otherwise is lying 

I'm the fault in our stars

Looking for Alaska but I hit that car

As she left that poor boy

With such a scar

She didn't think twice

Before she ruined their life

That's me

Accomplishing murder without a knife

How do I commit such evil

And then run from the upheaval?

I will be dead


And messed up in the head

How dare my life go right?

For a moment I thought it might

Yet your eyes shine so bright tonight

I'm seeing hope in these stars

I shall make sure I don't travel too far

I should die alone

I will not take my own life

With my time so unknown

My love will be overthrown

You may say not to worry

But death is at my door

And he's in a hurry