~God Will Drop Me~

So I said I found God 

And you asked where

I answered 

I don't know

He just appeared 

What could I do?

For my soul I feared

He wrapped me up

And held me tight

I now fear for my life

Beneath us lies hell

Where drop me he shall

What could I do?

Even when I knew

I'd fall into the flames

He made it worth the pain 

And in these moments

I was not ashamed 

To call him mine

And call out his name

What could I do? 

This is nothing new

You see it in movies

On TV screens

I just haven't been dropped yet

Or so it would seem

He's too nice

I'm on thin ice

But what could I do?

Stuck like glue

To what must be lies

A hideous evil

In an angels disguise

So drop me now

And I will burn

And just as they warned 

You will never have a turn

Onto your next victim

As only my ashes remain

Never to return