In solitude the flowers grow

in silence the gentle breezes blow

and down the lane, the brook doth flow

In days the sunshine beams so bright

and after dark, there's pale moon light

then stars come twinkling out at night


How awesome is Thy world


Bird songs fill the morning air

kittens play in the shed out there

butterflies flit by with out a care

Peace rolls o'er me like a song

and nothing in my life seems wrong

and I am just where I belong


In God's sweet awesome world


Gentle showers come falling down

with a wishy  squishy sound

and I can never wear a frown

Green grass grows along the fence

and then the tree frogs all commence

and Spanish moss is growing dense


In God's great awesome world


Thank you God for all these things

and for the happiness it brings

for it makes my beating heart to sing

Oh, I know I'm just a tiny spot

hardly worth an old ink blot

but I know you love me lots


For I'm in your awesome world


Thank you for the happy tunes

and for the dinner bell that rings at noon

and for the songs that lovers croon

Bless my famuly, my kith and kin

and let them know your love within

and please forgive them all their sins


Here in your awesome world


Now the days are rolling by

and soon I'll see you, that's no lie

then to Heaven I will fly

and I'll live with you up there

and I shall never have a care

and You will all my burdons bare


Up in your awesome world



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