Dearest loved one, please don't cry

for it was time to say goodbye

and I knew that night my life on earth was done


I loved you so very much

and I will always be in touch

but I knew the time for going home had come


To help me, you had tried do hard

but my soul was old and tired

and I knew that God was calling me back home


So I blew home on angels wings

and I forgot all earthly things

and I'm home in Heaven now, where I belong


Oh here I am so free

and blessed peace has come to me

and I have a crown and snow white wings so strong


And so my love to you, I say

live your life for Him each day

for only He can fill your heart with happy song


And when your life on earth is through

you know that I'll be comig down for you

and take you home with me, where you belong


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