Atop the tall mountain of my life

I stood in silent awe

as all my sins came traveling by

al the times I broke the law


I remember all the lies that I had told

and when I stole money from a purse

the time I beat a young boy up

memories that come back to curse


Oh is there a way to change my life

a better way to live

and then I heard a wee small voice

ask me, it said, 'I  can forgive'


So I said to that small gentle voice

what do I have to do

and then I heard, 'Love every one

the way that I love you'


I knew not what that voice was

but it grew louder very fast

and soon I knew all things that I had done

in my unruley past


And then the voiceo'er whelmed me

and I fell down on bended knee

and then the voice whispered in my ear

'be all that you can be'


Forgive every one whose done you wrong

love your family and your foe

let all bad things just drift away

so your soul can start to grow


Do something good for someone

show kindness to a friend

get rid of habits that are bad

and let peacefullness begin


Look up and see a sunrise

at night, watch the stars that glow

pick a flower, sing a song

and watch your spirit grow


help someone old across the street

pick up a fallen child

don't let your temper run away

just keep it meek and mild


Forgive yourself, my harried friend

let your worries now decrease

keep both feet firmly planted on the ground

and watch your worries cease


And suddenly I knew, T'was God's voice I had heard

upon that wonderous day

and as I stood atop that mountain tall

'all my sind were swept away


Now I am one of God's own childewn

and He sends me down such peace and love

the only God that's ever been

The Omnipotent and Holy One

from up above



pick up a fallen child



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