Who am I

why I am just me

for you to see

lucky me

I am Native American

don't you see

and I'm proud to be

so there

I don't care

who are you

true blue

me too

I am just I

I can't fly

can you

sometimes I cry

I always try

to be

happy and free

I am here

I care

I say my prayers

and I am just one player

in the game of life

I once was a wife

amd a mother

to four

for sure

who am I

I am a Christian

and your friend

a friend to the end

why me

that's the way it's gotta be

Who am I

oh my

I don't want to die

just yet

there's many friends

I haven't met

and many things

I haven't done

for fun

I used to work

but now I don't

not because I can't

just because I won't

I know this is silly

but I don't care


I'm sitting here

in the city

with my kitty

my city kitty

I'm here now with my

cup of joe

I know

with the cinnamon vanilla cream

so good ya want to scream

buy why

oh my

I don't know

I think I better go


someone will think I'm crazy

or pick me a daisy

or give me a bag of dirt

and that would hurt

my feelings

today it's warm

and I am glad i was born

I am glad you came to read

this poem

who will stop reading first

let's flip a coin

oh well

good by

now don't cry

I am me



Oh dear

I'm still here

but I gotta go

to milk the cow


I used to know

long years ago

It's going to rain I see dark clouds

through my window pane

no strain

but now the sun shines bright

Today is Sunday

not Monday

God's day

You know He came

and paved the way

to Heaven

not just for seven or eleven

but all of us

please don't cuss

and make me fuss

at you

for things you do

My worries are few

I hope for you too

I care for my fiends

until the end

or until you send me packing

OK, I wonder what is lacking

I wonder why

oh well

good bye


just i

I really don't like to boast

but I like cream cheese

with toast

but I think most

I like steak

don't you

What do you do for fun

I write and sing and walk

 and run

but never with a gun

I used to shoot

wild coots

Oh, gotta go

it's bye bye


just I


now I really gotta go

to get the phone

I'm done

have fun

oh my

good bye






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