When I was just a little girl

one day we all went into town

to see that big black screaming iron horse

that Poppa said was scoming 'round

Poppa talked about it many times

but he said t'was progress now of course

and he parked our buggy way off down the street

cause he said t'would spook the horse

I dressed in my best penafore

for it was such a special day

'cause the Mayor had said, that twice a week

the thing would come our way

I coultn't see how it could run

upon those shiny rails

cause our all horses had shoes of iron

to wqlk the rocky trails

but this looked nothing like the shoes

our horses always wore

the ones that hung upon the nails

there in the blacksmith  store

We arrived really early

and the sky was bright and blue

but there was already men

just standing 'round

smoking big cigars and laughing

and telling a joke or two

Momma had packed a real big lunch

in our picnic basket made of stgraw

then she went off to talk and laugh

with ladies of the church

and I went off to play with kids I saw

'and we just waited then

what seemed to us, like hours

upon the village green

Now some folks got to wonderin'

if it would really come

that new fan dangles dad burned thing

but all us kids were having so much fun

playing tag and running faast

Then a great big rumbling noise

came sounding through the pass

it was a noise lot's worse than thunder

Oh it was so scarey loud

it startled up the horses

and stirred up the whole crowd

Wel then I saw an awful sight

belching fire and cinders

way up in the sky

and it gave me quite a fright

bell's were ringing, whistles screaming

black smoke coming from the stack

we were all wondering why

horses neighing, children praying

and it made all the babies cry

then it came screaming to a halt

the rails a spittin' sparks

what a horrid thing it looked to me

then all the dogs commenced to bark

and then some men jumped from the thing

and they was aal, including Poppa

grinning and  a shaking hands

but me, I thought that it woud be much safer

standing behind Mrs Sims lemonaid stand

to me it was an awful sight

what folks called an iron horse

but I never saw a horse like that

but I'm just a little girl, of course

And then the buck boards all lined up

along those iron rails

and they unloaded big brown boxes

full of food and cloth and tools and nails

and it also brought the mail

Then Momma took me by the hand

into the general store

where goods on shelves were handy

and there she bought, just for me

a great big piece

of maple sugar candy

Oh it was such a special treat

and the day could have been much worse

cause I got it when we came to town

to see that iron horse

We went home so tired that night

happy, laughing and well fed

all because of hat big black

screaming horse

Well any way, that's what my Poppa said










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