Now Billy rode his ornery mule

on that hot and sultry day

for he was going to see that Cracker gal

that lived along the way

He was going to court sweet Emmy Lou

and ask her for her hand

cause he'd built her a cabin in the woods

and it was fancy grand

A creek was running down by it

he'd bought some hogs and cows

his Ma had given him pots and skillets

what more could she want now

The bed was good and newly made

the matress filled with moss

the wood stove would keep the cabin warm

with the wood he'd cut and toss

he'd fixed a table and a bench

a shelf was by the door

so if she needed anything

she'd have to bring in more

He finally got down to her house

and fell down on his knee's

Sweet Emmy, I'd like to share my life with you

will you marry me, PLEASE

and sweet Emmy Lou, she dimpled up

and stood there nice and sweet

Why Billy Feaster, you shore know how to please a gal

you just swept me off my feet

Her Ma and Pa just stood around

just prancing and a grinning

for they had raised sweet Emmy right

and a good girl he was a winning

now Emmy was a dang good cook

by her size, you shore could tell

land he'd keep the game and grub supplied

and she could serve it well

A pitcher pump was on the porch out back

just off the kitchen door

with a shelf for water buckets and wash pans

she couldn't ask for more

He'd made it so convenient

for his little country bride

as he showed her what would be her new home

out in the country side

But Emmy had a big surprise

for lot's more stuff she'd bring

dishes, bed clothes books and what nots

and many other things

She'd bring her Grand Ma's kitchen cabinet

a dresser large, a book case small

she'd fill the cabin with her things

it might not hold them all

a braided rug was for the floor

it would be there for good looks

and Billy would not walk upon it

especially not in dirty boots

Well Billy put his garden out

bought a rooster and some hens

he'd get his little homestead ready

for when married life begins

Now Emmy Lou and her Ma

well they commenced to planning

for when the garden all got ripe

they'd do a lot of canning

Now Emmy's hope chest was so full

bulging to the top

with feed sack doileys she had stitched

why, she even had a mop

there was a set of dime store silverware

and plates and cus all from the store

there  was  a pretty little bed spread

and rag rugs for the floor

Then came a fancy wedding dress

with lace from Granny Maines

it was stitched from the finest white feed sacks

with no aches or pains

now all the women folks cooked for days

getting ready for the wedding

while Emmy fixed her cabin up

and fluffed up all the bedding

When Billy came home from working in the fields

he just sat and stared in awe

for his cabin wasn't his no more

and he couldn't believe what he saw

There was flowers on the mantle piece

and a candle on the table

there just wern't no place for him at all

so he retreated to the stable

and there he set, chin in his hands

a brooding and a thinkin'

it shore went fast, just what went wrong

and he thought a lot 'bout drinking

But early on next sabbath morn

the parson came to marry

sweet Emmy and her back woods man

and there was no time to tarry

so right after service, they both stood up

and he made them one that day

while fiddle music played those old folk songs

and home folks danced and swayed

and then she threw her bouquet out

t'was gardenias from the yard

she threw them toward sis, Elsie Jane

and she threw then straight and hard

and Elsie Jane, she cought them

those flowers from their yard

maybe next spring they'd be another wedding

if she catch  young Ben off guard

and so the wedding feast begin

the tables loaded down

with chicken, ham, rice and corn

and salads in a mound

beans, and taters, and fried egg plant

baked possom in a pan

buttered biscuits, thick cream gravy

and dishes full of candied yams

A wedding cake stood tall and proud

baked by Aunt Susie Bell

she'd made that cake all from scratch

and boy, she'd done it well

So now twas at the end of day

and they drove back to home

and a big old smile crossed Billy's face

for now they'd be alone

Oh what a shock that Billy had

when first they did drive in

for there with satchels in their hands

was all her kith and kin

with buck boards just loaded down with stuff

oh what an awful day

and Billy just hung his head and cried

for it seemed they'ed come to stay

and on this day, his heart sunk low

oh what a sight to see

For Billy had gained a brand new bride

and all her family







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