Pretty pearls around her slim neck

in irrodiscent hue

a gft from a special love

back in ninteen thirty two


She wore them at their wedding

in ninteen thirty three

they were a sight, so dazzling white

a wonderous thing to see


She wore them once again

t'was the year ninteen thirty four

when she gave birth to their little boy

they couldn't ask for more


She wore them once again

in nineteen thirty five

a little girl came to bless them

and how their love did thrive


On each special occasion

she'd wear the pearl's again

just to show him, that he was still her special love

as he had always been


She wore the pearls  through out the yearss

in happy times and sad

she kept them in a velvet box

with special jewelry that she had


She wore them on a trip to Mexico

for they'd been married fifty years

and he gave her a ring to match

on the last night they were there


So these pearls were getting older

yellowed now with age

she'd hold thm gently to her breast

for love of them, there was no gage


Now the years just slowly slipped on by

now they had grown so old

now her wrinkles hands trembled some

and seemed always cold


She gently slipped away one nigtt

quietly to fly to heaven's shore

the glidtrning pearls around her nrck

to wear forevermore


And as he kissed her one last time

he knew, would not be long

that he'd be flying up to her

their love still bright and strong


For he would always love her

she'd stay in his heart where she belonged

and as he gently held her hand

he sang their farewell song




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