Through those old swinging doors

she came tall and serene

with black hair a flying

in her tight fitting jeans


Off came her jacket

and as she swung it around

she let it be known

she was paintin' the town


Up to the bar she struted

and straddled the stool

and started in flirting

with the men playing pool


The bartender came running

to ask her choice of a drinnk

she winked at him sweetly

and said, make mine a cowboy, I think



Well the band started playing

a honky tonk sound

she grabbed her a fellow

and they danced all around


They danced all the evening

the watermelon crawl

then they danced the two step

on off down the hall


The night was so pleasant

he couldn't believe his good luck

she snuggled up to him

and he near had a stroke


And she whispered sweet nothings

that he loved to hear

and he felt right happy

as she nibbled his ear


Her perfume was sexy

and set off wild alarms

well he almost went crazy

at her innocent charms


The beer was just flowing

and sweet wine sparkling red

again she was ask, what is your choice

smiling , make mine this cowboy, she said


This wild party lasted

well into the night

and when green eyes looked at hin

his heart nearly took flight


But soon he was troubled

and he almost then croaked

for he looked in his wallet

and he was going for broke


So again on the bar stool

she sat so calm and sweet

and waited with patience

another cowboy to meet


And it sure wasn't long

till he came through the door

with black eyes a flashing

and money galore


He sat down so boldly

and said, what do you drink

she said, I'll take you honey

just make mine a cowboy I think




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