Transport me to a place of wonder

where the sea's are emerald green

and the mocking birds sing sweetly

in the land of ever green


Where the hills are  ever rolling

and the forests are still dense

where tall pine trees stand bowing

and the silent rain's intense


Where the sand is fine and golden

and mighty oceans roar

and the sun shines down intensly

and the sea gulls fly off shore


Where the wildcat and the panther

still roam the woods and glade

where the salamander hurried through the burning heat

to rest there in the shade


Let me feel the peace and stillness

as I wade in waters black and deep

let me see the orchid blooming

where the breeze blows cool and sweet


Let me see the dolphins jumping

and fishing boats sail by

where strange visions of the past still linget

and I hear the loons low mournful cry


Tell me, am I dreaming

and am I seeing things just right

is my mind just playing tricks on me

as I sit here in this sad and lonely night


For I see great spreading pastures

where red cattle graze and low

and I hear the cowmen shouting

and it's there that I would go


Take me to the fields I savor

where white blossoms on the trees grow wild

let me drink the juice of golden oranges

as I did when just a child


Let me sit in misty shadows

near some ancient burial mound

where  the ghosts of Indians wander

and you never  hear a sound


Let me hear the tinkling of the wind chimes

as they hung on the porch of my old home

and the clanging of the dinner bell

that woould bring me home to supper

when I had wandered off alone


Oh, to rest again another night

in my old soft feather bed

and to feel my favorite pillows

as they lay beneath my head


And to wake up every morning

to Mom's sweet breakfast scents

and to walk out every evening

and hear the bull frogs all commence


Oh transport me to this place of wonder

to dear FLORIDA, and never let me rome

as it lays just basking in the sun

and keep in this wonderous place forever

till my days on earth are done













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