Winter comes

and days are cold and drear

frost spreads across the mountain's

and the creeks are frozen clear


You can hear the splintering of a limb

as it falls from some dead tree

and the whimper of a little bird

whose nest has fallen free


The landscape's covered up by fog

and the sun shines far and dim

and smoke comes from the chimney's

in thin wisps so grey and grim


And the world seems far away today

as I sit here by my self

and the lonely seeps into my soul

and the silence makes me deaf


Icicles hang like glistening spears

and geese fly South in vee's

and deer root deeply for a little food

beneath towering old pine trees


Winter comes

and frosty winds blow chill

and the grey fox crouches in his den

to cold to make a kill




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