I knew then that I would love you

first time ever I saw your face

a couple thousand years ago

in another time, another place

Long ago when ere I found you

on that foggy misty moor

I love you just as much today

as I did in day's before

In that golden day so long ago

as we danced upon the green

you were my handsome blacksmith

and I was your village queen

I have walked with you in memories

along the River Rhine

I have loved you in the starlight

when you said that you'd be mine

Omce we called the Norse Land home

as we sailed the fjords and lakes

we haved loved among the Inca's

 with a sun so hot it bakes

A thousand times I've watched you

in the firelight's flickering glow

when gypsy violens were playing

and the moon was hanging low

you have come to me in Sprinng time

in your Confederate suit of grey

and we loved beneath  magnolias

before you rode away

I have seen you go to battle

with a turban 'round your face

I have heard the sabre's screaming

and seen panic every place

I have lived with you in Egypt

along the winding River Nile

you were Pharaoh in a golden palace

and I loved you for awhile

One day in ancient Scotland

we sat beneath an old and gnarled tree

and you told me that you loved me

beside the Rriver Dee

You have held my hand in Ireland

as we walked a flowery path

We were married once in ancient Rome

in the moonlight's golden bath

Did we live in old Jeruselum

during Caesar's golden reign

did we know the savior, Jesus

will we love there once again

I have loved youu in a cotton field

for we were slaves that far off day

I loved you on the day we died

as we tried to run away

You were my knight in shining armour

in old England's glory day's

you were tall and very handsome

and I loved you many ways

Now in the midnight's darkest hour

as I lay here on your bed

I have loved you just as sweetly

as all the day's that we were wed

you are always my beloved

we have loved through years and time

we'll be soul mates now forever

our heart's and soul's entwined

I have been your love forever

I have loved you for all time

I will love you in our future days

for I know you will be mine

I knew that I would love you

first time ever I saw your face

in the centuries and the years gone by

another time, another place





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