He rode into town on an old rawboned horse

he was tracking an outlaw and a staying on course

his blue jeans were ragged, his boots full of dust

with his finger on the trigger, for there was no one he'd trust


Well he walked to the saloon and plunked down a dime

and they gave him a glass and a bottle of shine

he was daring and grizzled, an ugly old coot

and he started a gambling and winning some loot


Now red headed Lil came and hung on his arm

and as the night got later, she turned on the charm

but he paid no attention, no interest at all

for he was waiting a message, and an outlaw to call


Some music was playing as he sat drinking boose

he thought about dancing, but who would he choose

 but Lil came out swinging her red dress to and fro

so he grabbed her by the arm and away they did go


Well the outlaw was coming but t'was getting so late

but he had come here to get him and so he would wait

the night was so peaceful and the stars they did shine

and old Red fell in love and was feeling real fine


When suddenly a big fight he heard in the street

but old Red was ready and he jumped to his feet

well a shot it rand out for he'd fired from the door

and the outlaw staggered  in and then fell on the floor


Well Red looked down on him and shook the dust from his hand

then the sheriff came over and he collected ten grand

well he guessed he'd be going, he'd be on his way

for he had business else where and he just couldn't stay


He bought folks a bottle and they all drank a round

then he got on hs horse and was leavin' the town

when all of a sudden came a giggle and cry

and the red head came running, just couldn't tell him good bye


She jumped up behind him and gave him a hug

this grizzled old gunman, this ugly old thug

she was preening and prissing and wishing all luck

for she had her a good man who had ten thousand bucks




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