I hear my family calling out so loudly

My olden folk of so many years ago

another time, another place they lived

in peace and plenty

but they still felt the tyrants awful blow

from the buried bones of Culledin in auld Scotland

my ancient ancestor's soul doth cry out and weep

and from the bloody shores of Normandy

another of my soldier family sleeps

From Valley Forge I hear the sound a comming

of fife and drum there in the battle frey

and from the fox holes in South Korea

I hear my father pray

I hear the screams and the cannons roar in battle

I see horses die and brave Confederate soldiers

lying low

I hear my Great Grand Father shouting orders

and I see our tattered flag, still flyig high

in old Shiloh

they're crying out for sweet revenge

there in the silence

with bayonett, machine gun and with sword

and tho they're dead, they do not rest in peace there

they have their earned, their just and sweet reward

Oh, my blessed loved ones, I do hear you

I feel your pain, your thoughts and you're many fears

I hear the agonies of your tortured people

tis just another bloody trail of tears 

Oh my brave ancient families, how I love you

fighting for your homes and things that you held dear

it seems I've known you through the centuries

and to my heart, I hold you all so dear

As I stand here in the silence, I can hear you

I feel your agonies, as you watch you're children die

I see the sword that takes you down forever

and I hear you're mother's cry

But take heart my brave hero's of forever

and know that you're brave deeds have not been in vain

Know that God is watching from His heaven 

and it was not for naught, that you were slain

Oh I love you, and my heart is breaking for you

and you're whispers to me, God has surely sent

and I hear you in you're far away

warm heaven

my ancient and crooning

ancestors sad lament


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