Hell's bell's

the day went well

my stocking's run

my garters fell

the lights went out

the plumbing failed

I lost the letter

I hadn't mailed

The car broke down

my old dog died

I bowed my head

and then I cried

The frost it came

and killed my flowers

and when I planted them

it took me hours

The stove blew up

I have no food

no way to cook it

 even if I could

I lost my keys

my window broke

today is hell

and that's no joke

the john don't flush

 the faucets leak

the pipes are broke

and water's rushing o'er my feet

The lawn mower I have

I want to sell

but no one has money

hell's bell's

The screene door broke

my mirror fell

what have I done

to attract such, oh well

I guess that I'll just sit and cry

for life, it sure ain't fun

I'l ljust have to wait for the day

when problems do not come

sat on my glasses

and broke the things

my friends all call me

a ding aling

I lost my teeth

my bra's too tight

the price of gas

is out of sight

I try real hard

with all my might

well, maybe some day

I get things right

The mortgage is due

oh well, what's new

they'll have to wait

green backs are new

It's been a day

I'll tell you now

but I've survived it

all somehow

I thik I'll watch a T V show

or read a book instead

but to play it safe I think

I'll just go off to bed 



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