We crossed the Georgia-Florida line

at half passed ten

and it's flat and green and golden land beckoned

to me with a smile

and then I knew for sure

that I was home

Oh I was home and pride within me swelled

home sickness left my tattered heart

and I knew then  that in my life

 all was well

The birds sang sweetly in the trees

and the scent of someone's home cooking

wafed gently through the breeze

Oh what a sense of peace I had ,also

for I was here

and I said a prayer of thank you, up to Jesus

through the air

Tall oaks and pine trees swayed gently

as their branche's tossed

and then I saw my old grey beard

my Spanish moss

Oh God, how good you are to

bring me here

for in this land that sky blue wrapped

I've only joy

and never fear

Oh how I've missed my home, this wonderous place

so often now my loss, and as I marveled

I saw it once again

waving from a knotty dried up cypress tree

my olden Spanish moss

My Daddy pulled it with a hook and twist

and after while the moss man came

and paid

as I leaped and jumped upon the bunches

on the ground

in moss houses I had made

I had played upon it's tiny sprouts

here as a child

for tis a Southern thing

this blowing floss

oh how I loved it's tangled curly weave

my sometimes wig

 My Florida Spanish  moss

A surge of joy leaped deep down into my heart

and my eyes they nearly crossed

to see again this wondrous sight so near

my hanging Spanish moss

And if I may be so brazen as to say

if I should cross to the after life

to Paradise

to see once, twice, thrice

a lilly padded pond

and that I might shed my socks

and wade across

and recognise again

an amcient and gnarled tall oak tree

with grey beard's flowing moss











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