Won't you come into my parlor

and lets have a cup of tea

I have cookies and some donuts

and they're just for you and me

I have sugar in the sugar bowl

and cream upon the tray

and we can talk about the good old days

and what's happening today

There's napkins on the side board

just in case we make a mess

for we wouldn't want to spill the tea

upon our Sunday dress

Tell me, my little friend

have you heard about the ball

Mrs. Smith's son is coming from the army

and they've invited one and all

There will be dancing on the old veranda

for they will have a fancy band

and I'll go and dance the minuet

with a fancy hanky in my hand

I'll have to get a brand new dress

I wonder, what will it be

should it be off the shoulder

or up above my knee

Won't you have another cup

it really is quite good

and here's some home made crumpets

 take one if you would

I wonder, should I paint my finger nails

oh I know it's quite a sin

but I want to look my finest

and my nicest, just for him

Oh goodness, how will I wear my hair

Oh I'm just in such a dither

I'm really quite upset today

and it makes my heart to quiver

Should I pile up atop my head

with ribbons hanging down

should I go and get a string of pearls

and wear it on my crown

Oh, tell me, tell me what to do

you never say a word

you just sit there a smiling

like you never ever heard

you just keep looking at me

in your dress of white and blue

and you haven't touched a bit of tea

what's going on with you

Well, I really thought you'd help me

as we sit here in the hall

but how can I be so disappointed

you're just an old rag doll


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