There's a little old log cabin

down on Carolina Lane

where all the fellows get together

and they harmonize and sing


With the pickin' of the banjo

and the tappin' of their toes

and with a drink or two of moonshine

the laughter really flows


And they talk about their families

and their crops and all their flings

while blue grass they keep pickin'

down on Carolina Lane


Now just get that old wash pot ready

fill it up with coon and rice

with a mountain gal there on yer knee

well, everything be purty nice


Now Jeb is long and lanky

and Tom is short and squat

Benny has the muscles

and poor old George just got the pot


Well their overalls be clean but dingy

with maybe a patch of tobaccy stain

but there don't seem to be no worries

down on Carolina Lane


So they sit there on the back stoop

looking at the valley walls

with that little stream that runs there

that comes from mountain water falls


And they're happy and go luck

and can hardly wait till spring

when there'll be hunting and a dancin'

down on Carolina Lane



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