Granny had a recipe

she'd got it from her Pa

he'd got it from his Pappy

way back in Arkansas

It was a special kind of recipe

an olden kind of drink

t'would your face turn really red

and your eyes pop out and blink

Oh that drink was awful

that's what my Momma said

Pa would say, just loosen up

lets have one before we go to bed

Granny made it once a year

from a secret spot down in the woods

for if the revenuer's ever found it

they'd haul off all her goods

It was creamy smooth and mellow

and one drink was not enough

two drinks were one to many

for it sure was potent stuff

Poppa wouldn't let me  taste it

he said it wasn't for the girls

he said t'would make me tipsy

and would straighten all my curls

Once Pa's hogs got in it

they found my Granny's stash

oh what a sight, those old drunk hogs

it really was a blast

Granny stored it all in bottles

and hid then underneath the barn

and she kept a big old ugly watch dog

for if some stranger came along

he'd set off wild alarms

Once the sheriff came to visit

cause he knew what Granny done

he told her if he ever caught he

she'd be jail house inmate number one

Granny poured the amber drink

just to quinch his thirst

then she laughed right in his face

and said, you got to catch me first

Late of a Saturday evenng

they'ed come a knock

on Grannys old back door

and someone would be there to buy a bottle

or maybe three or four

Granny's special recipe

she keeps under lock and key

and when she and Pa don't need it any more

t'will be handed down to me






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