Ske lay softly in white satin

for her pains were now all gone

wonderous music filled her silent ears

for death was now her song


It had been a long time coming

many years of hurt and pain

and many times she'd seen him crying

from the heartache and the strain


He had cared for her so gently

he had done so all his life

for he'd said, 'Till death, I'll keep you'

when he took her for his wife


He had given every comfort

every kindness he did show

but the time had come to leave here

it was time to let him go


He took the news with sadnes

and let out an awful sigh

for when the doctor said 'It's over now'

He'd bowed his head and cried


Now the children were all standing

'round the coffin sad and staid

for the service now had ended

and they bowed down their heads and prayed


But she wanted so to tell them

that she was free from pain at last

and she soared now in the heavens

for all bad things were past


She wanted just to tell them

that she loved them one and all

and not to worry now, just set her free

for sometimes still, she'd come to call


He stood there, shoulders sagging

as giant tears streamed down his face

she had never seen such sorrow

a picture she could not erase


There was organ music softly playing

old hymns so sweet and low

and he knew thay it was over now

it was time to let her go


Now his teardrops fell soft upon her face

as gentle as the mist

as once again he leaned toward her pale pink lips

and gave her one last kiss


Then she gave them one last and loving look

as her spirit lifted high toward the sky

for in death you are eternal

so never be afraid to die



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