Glistening and deepest water

flowing gently down the hill

waters bubbling, rushing onward

oh sweet water, I can hear you still


Precious streamlet of my memory

how I long for you today

for it's on your pleasant mossy banks

that I'd forever long to stay


Over rocks and tiny pebbles

you tumble  onward toward your fate

curving oer' the hills and valleys

rushing neath our village gate


Onward through the misty woodlands

where little children always play

on green banks of moss and bracken

wild flowers bloom in wild array


Oh, the picnic's that we always had there

beside your gentle  stream

and the fun times of the  days gone by

seem now just a gentle dream


I remember too, the old black tire swing

that swung out oer' the deepest part

a place where friends made secret packs

sworn to with  ' cross my heart'


Sailboats sailing strong and sturdy

moving quickly down the stream

made with paper,glue and tiny sticks

and most often, Daddys string


Olden days so bright and sunny

I'll always, always hold you dear

and as I dream my golden daydreams

it sometimes bring's a tear


Twas there I found my first sweet lady

sweet Alice, with long and golden curls

dressed in silk, with long dark lashes

Oh she sat this beating heart awhirl


T'was there too a few years later

I held my sweet beloved

and as we strolled Tafara's rolling water

we vowed eternal love


But now I'm here alone and lonely

recalling things in days of yore

sweet kisses, oh the sweetest memories

as they happened long before


Tarafa's waters, dear and splended

still tumbling, rushing down the hill

as once more I praise your sylvan beauty

I love you, and I always will













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