You remind me of the stillness of the autumn

grey smoky eyes and wavey golden hair

theres a sadness in your silent soul

I see it clearily

and I know for sure now, that you no longer care


The wind holds out her rushing arms and calls you

and the old moon tempts you with the mysteries of the night

the rain calls out your name so softly

and I know

that soon you'll be gone and out of sight


I feel the quick beating of your heart at midnight

as the whistle of a distant train sounds cross the field

today I found the half packed suitcase in the closet

and so, I know my fate will soon be sealed


When you stretch out your arms to hold me in the midnight

I feel sadness, for it may be the last time that you do

the 'I love you's' are coming less and less now

oh God it hurts

for I know that I am losing you


Oh it's not to a woman that I lose you

It's the misty seas that beckons to  you with her white capped waves

It's' the endless ribbon of the highways

It's the mountain peaks, green valleys and deep caves


It might be whats lurking oer' the next hill

it might be the ship that sails so smoothly oer' the sea

it could be the calling of some wild bird

that takes you so far away from me


The wander lust  that's slowly washing oer' you

will very soon possess your restless soul

our days draw to an end and you'll soon be leaving

and I'll be lonely once again, my heart so cold


But I have the memories of your smiles and laughter

and I'll keep them locked forever in my heart

so I'll pray that some far off sunny day

you will come back again

and tell me that we never more shall part







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