High above the low green valley

where the golden eagle's soar

where tall mountain peaks lie in the sunshine

high above the valley floor

A lone Apache warrior

sits atop his mighty horse

and watches far below, the wagons

as they stradily roll on course

T'was the enemy, the invader

slowly taking owr' his land

and it angered him immensly

this rolling white man's band

And his black eyes flashed intently

and his heart turned hard as stone

and the white man wouldn't get it

would not get it for his own

For many years his people lived there

underneath the star lit sky

and their black bear, mighty totem

kept them safe until they died

Here they lived in peace and comfort

this great Apache tribe

here their ancestrs had been buried

here they worshiped in great pride

Now here they come the dreaded white man

loaded down with goods and guns

to take away the food and lodging

of his own proud people

and from the little ones

And that night beside the campfire

tribal elders heard his words

while they sat and smoked their old peace pipes

the angry blood within them stirred

This had always been their homeland

since Great Spirit brought them here

their anccestor, so many years ago

and he provided for them greatly

with food and warmth and clothes

from the mightiest of brothers

the great wild buffalo

So they gathered up the people

moved the village deep into the hills

beside a small and winding creek bed

as they desided how to kill

And they painted on their war paint

and wove long feathers in their hair

sharpened all their spears and arrows

as for war they did prepare

Then he said goodbye to Tela

soft and gentle as a dove

and as great tears splashed from her eyes

he rode away from love

Now they mounted swift strong horses

to travel far across the land

there they would attack the wicked white man

with his long and rolling band

But, alas we know the story

of the red man great defeat

for the white man kept coming

ever onward

and we know aabout the heart ache

and the blood shed

and the Apaches sad defeat

But they fought valiantly and bravely

till all brave warriors, in battle died

and the plains they say were flooded

with the tears their women cried

The Great Spirit took them home with him

lovingly to rest and sleep

where there was no dreaded white man

and there is no need to weep

But a few were left to wander

helpless and at starvations door

left to dream of gallant warriors

and of their peaceful life before

And they were herded just like cattle

to the reservations rocky ground

and for all their time left living

they were were cursed and pushed around

and where there was naught but tears and pain

and here they lived their lives

in hard work and in squalor

to fulfill the white mans gain



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