A monster came to see me

She removed her cap and shoes

and pardoned herself when she coughed.

I devoured her whole, ravenous.

Swallowed and belched,

not to be rude, but out of disdain.

Some monster.

Then I bought a cat, and he loved yarn.

So he'd bat and tug and teethe.

Until there was no yarn, only string

The cat did not care so much for string.

"Look at what you did," I said. "It's still yarn."

But it was too late.

He was already taking a nap.

The monsters I have met

Taught me what it was

To be the yarn

and to become the cat

To fear the dog

and to eat everything else.

You are the monster.

Grow up big and strong.

Eat your guests.

Eat your fears.

Invite a monster to your home.

Eat everyone.

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