Heat II

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I reached out and placed

the unmistakable tips of my

fingers on top of hers in

a manner that the fine grooves

contoured with each other, gently

locking us with

mental magnets, and her lips

started to glow in the twilight

like a blood moon over

the ocean, so dangerously tempting

that I wanted to blow on

every last freckle she had, but by

then our fingers were interlocked,

and resembled venus

fly traps, making me a suicidal

insect hurling full speed blindly

into her glowing euthinasia

Then it all slowed down -

the last inch before the collision

was a man three days into the desert

except that I could feel

the warmth and


eminating from in front of me, as

our venus fly traps clenched

the skin between them, the skin

they now shared and the thought of

the delicate skin on her shoulders

and around her collarbone unsheathed

would've been the death of me.

No longer aware of

the satin fibers streaming

from her head and enclosing my

face in the breeze,

I tried to stop time with

all my might and be frozen in

this heat for good.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

extension of Heat (written last summer)

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