She / It *

Just minutes ago,

She was a starlet, angelic

A dimming star

Crowned with an asterisk

She had climbed, gently

Naked skin pressed, sliding, clinging to mine

Her comfort has a stench while

She smiles like a nurse -

But I've gained the eyes of a tyrant

What a pest

Fingertips slip over my arm

Numb and oblivious

She moves her mouth towards mine

I turn away, staring at the wall

Like I really want your sinning lips

After the act they committed

Below my hips

Euphoric seconds blackened

When beckoned back by sermons

That flicker on the television in the dark

I wish I was joking

Minutes ago, she was a starlet angel

I drank her innocence

Until she lived to please, harlot

Disdain; that's her new name

All I seek is sleep, respite

I guess halos were meant to be broken

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