His Anxiety

He told me to treat women like appliances

Speak of the devil

And she'll call you by name

Labels, about as useful as eunuchs

Euphoric faucet, water with grains of gold

Emphatic forest, I'm in full bloom

Beautiful, like the sun's

Reflection off the steel of a gun

Birds nest in my chest

(Doves, crowes - it changes daily.)

Rhapsody with rupture

Girls say that they hate feet

Is it because of where they lead them?

Candles flicker in the breeze

From an air conditioner

Tyrants blowing lines of gun powder

Actors blowing lines of script

Handshakes blowing minds of grips

Things don't connect like cigarettes should

Grotesque - Like a chicken eating an omelette


Shit, I just blew that line

He told me to treat females like toasters

The only options are to slowly burn, brittle

Or escape, blowing through the ceiling

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