Quality or Quantity

A man tells us that anyone can draw

And with this fun, free art test

I can take the first step to becoming a "true artist"

What does Pollack think about that?

How amazing that by sketching a turtle

He and I can share the title of "artist"

Then again, though revered and lauded

Pollack's turtles were splatters on wood

What did Da Vinci think about that?

Just as easy, anyone can be a poet!

So men and women drip into the pot

Until Pound and Nash are watered down

By these people around me

Who's roses are still red

And still use violets as glue

Does it cheapen the art form

Or does the cream stay true?

But more poems make more readers

Who's to say what's good enough?

Maybe you and I

Can decide who's pens

Should be decapitated

And if you agree

Feel free

To use this poem as a napkin

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