A Felon Like Me

For two minutes - dead body in the back seat

For thirty minutes - I dwell on my future behind bars

We're stuck on a highway at 2 AM

My hood is pulled over my eyes

As I recline in my seat

Behind me, Steve is conversing

With a fresh corpse, slapping it

I laugh because Evan isn't here to see this

That famous city skyline appears to my left

Beautiful, its' lights sleep peacefully on the water

Steve offers me a beer

As he welcomes our apocalypse

I wonder who would hire such a felon

A felon like me

The body next to Steve doesn't speak

It has nothing to say

At that moment, three lives are done

One literal, two figurative

I wonder if I'd rather be literal

Then the eyes roll back

To their original state

As a warm, stale breeze vents from his lips

The body is back to life

And has earned his name back

Still on a tight rope,

We don't dare relax

We got our lives back

I got an apology

Beautiful, its' lights sleep peacefully on the water

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