A mother finds a lump on her chest

While getting ready for work one morning

Five months later, she dies

Meanwhile, a drug dealer gets shot in the chest

By a rival gang member

Miraculously, the bullet misses his heart

By an inch, and he is fine

A young couple in Indiana is surprised by twins

A man comes home to get a message

That his two best friends died in a car crash

A different mother, this one in Georgia

Finds out that her first daughter has miscarried

While two teens in Detroit

Have unprotected sex

And the girl becomes pregnant

A policeman takes a bullet

While saving an 8 year old

Who ends up overdosing

In a high school bathroom junior year

And a college girl misses her train

That she later finds out derailed

Into a building

And through all this,

A balance was created

And you ate a tuna sandwich

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