When You Woke

When you woke, did your eyes mutter?

Did it seem your clothes had been defeated?

Did that make your heart flutter?

Or sense of security depleated?

Should I have brought a name tag to bed?

Or at least wrote initials on my forehead?

Did you search through a mental index

Between which shots of tequila had we met?

Did my sleep put you at ease

Or did my comfort not quite you appease?

How much more do I know than you?

Was it planned out, who played who?

What time is it, are you missing work?

And how the hell did you misplace your shirt?

Should you rouse me or just let me be

Leave me your number or just turn and flee?

Brush your hair back with a sigh

Wade through morning as silence flows by

Collect your purse, don't forget your pride

As out a front door unfamiliar you stride

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