To Be Loved and Not Love Back

Mombi's Heads

Let me hide in the tall grass
Conversing with crickets
Giving them hiccups
That's the power I crave
To manipulate neglect
Like a pirate of emotion
Taking a drag while dragging my take
While you weep
I wipe
My nose on scar tissue
Of our history marred
I used to shield you from the wind
Now you use windshield wipers
But the tires are flat
Meanwhile, my struggle - do I want fries with that?
I am good though, you convince everyone
This is not my fault
I'm just browsing, wondering what a halo costs
You're still bruising, emotional holocaust
While I'm here, I'll take that word back
From scar tissue of world history marred
Big things, that's what I'm about now
Not you
You're stuck in that history of ours

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