Judy sat down next to Ralph with a half smile, first looking at him sheepishly, then at the floor, then back at him before rubbing his hand softly. His head just kinda nodded side to side as he tried unsuccessfully to muster a smile. Judy slid a cup of coffee in front of him and sat back, running her fingers around the rim of her own mug.

“You know, it’s probably nothing to worry…”

“I know Judy…I know.”

Another period of awkward silence, broken when Mel entered the room.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Ralph, you look pissed.”

Judy piped up, “Ralph is just a little upset because he feels…”

“Judy, please, I don’t want to talk about it,” Ralph interrupted again.

Cynthia entered in her silk nightie, her short highlighted strawberry blonde hair frazzled. “Hey gang, anyone want anything else?”

“Ha! Gang,” Mel snickered. “Hey, Marie, you hear that?” he called, but Marie’s answer was inaudible from down the hall. “But seriously Ralph, I would think you’d be in higher spirits right now, you had been going on about this thing for weeks.”

Ralph only raised his eyes, resting his chin on his fists.

“Hey…you can’t tell me you didn’t have fun,” Mel pressed.

“Mel, please…can you just put your clothes on?”

“Sure bud, my bad.”

Marie came in, still naked, nibbling on a piece of red liquorice. I didn’t know we had liquorice thought Ralph. She giggled emptly as she sat down next to Mel, who was slipping on his pants. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he gave what he perceived to be a masculine laugh. Someone felt high and mighty. Ralph was not he.

Cynthia returned with the rest of the coffee from the other room. The silk slid up her backside as she leaned over to fill a cup for Marie, causing Ralph to scowl.

“Seriously, what’s wrong Mr.Muller?” Cynthia asked.

“Dammit Cynthia, right now, can you please just call me Ralph?”

“Whoa, I’m sorry, Ralph.”

Judy tried to rub his shoulders, “Ralph, relax, be a grown up, don’t snap at her, it was your idea.”

“I’m sorry Cynthia…I…I…I just thought that everyone’s needs would get met a little better.”

Mel lit up a cigarette with a smirk, “Hey, I had a hell of a time.”

“I know you did Mel,” Ralph snapped, “I think the whole damn neighborhood heard you have a good time.”

“Ralph, please!” Judy lightly slapped his back.

He leaned back and let out a big sigh, “Sorry Mel, that was uncalled for.” Mel shrugged, stopped getting dressed, leaving his shirt unbuttoned and took another puff. Marie started to rub his shoulders slowly.

“I thought it was okay,” Cynthia offered, trying to break the silence.

“No, don’t worry Cynthia, you were fine,” Judy assured her.

Mel nodded slightly, “You weren’t so bad your self, Judy.”

I’m glad someone enjoyed my wife, Ralph dared not mention the thoughts in his head.

Marie looked up over Mel’s shoulders, “ Is there anything we could have done to help?”

“Yeah, anything? It was our first time, I’m sure we could all improve, I mean, if we ever wanted to do this again,” agreed Judy.

Ralph sat back and thought to himself for a moment, “Well, I dunno, I mean, maybe I’d like to be a little more active next time, but that’s my own fault. Other than that, I dunno, I guess maybe we could’ve used the, uh, outside influences a little more, that might make it more exciting.”

“Well shit man, you brought like a garbage bag of toys over here,” responded Mel, “I don’t even know how half of them could be used on a human being.”

“Neither do I, I thought it would be part of the experimenting process, you know?”

“Well forgive me if I don’t find a good old fashioned orgy exciting enough,” stated Mel.

“Guys, relax, we’re not used to doing this, we should’ve seen this coming, nobody is perfect,” Judy tried to interject.

Ralph raised his arms to his side, “I agree, I’m just trying to offer ideas on how to make it work better for everyone.”

“Hey, I enjoyed it, did you honey?” Mel asked Marie, who nodded with a bashful smile on her face, sucking down the last of the liquorice rope.

“Well I didn’t,” Ralph voiced, “And seeing how it was my idea in the first place, I would appreciate it if we could try to be constructive in trying to improve things.”

Cynthia decided to offer her advice, “Mr.Muller, I mean Ralph, I think what happened is that by the time you got it up, everyone else was just ready to go and already in the swing of things, so…”

Ralph cut her off, “Do me a favor Cynthia, why don’t you just keep your mouth shut?”

“Ralph, please, your being an asshole, you’ve been cutting people off all night,” Judy scorned.

“There is no need for her to talk about my body like that,” Ralph rebutted.

Mel jumped in, “Hey, no need to be sensitive, we were all just around each other bare ass naked for just over an hour, and you’re the one who decided to bring your babysitter, so she’s got just as much of a right to an opinion as anyone else.”

“Mel, I’m getting just about sick of you strutting around like you own this place.”

“Hey Ralph, this is my house, douche bag. And its not that I own the place, its just that as far as testosterone is going, I’m the only one carrying the ball here tonight. I can only handle so many women at once.”

“Fuck you, I was more than ready to contribute, but no one wanted to let me into the game.”

“No fuck you, you said yourself you should’ve been more active.”

Judy stepped in, “Mel, just sit down and be quiet for a minute.”

Mel refused, instead submitting a suggestion, “You want advice? How about next time, you tell your wife to leave her love handles at home,” then spiked the cigerette in the ash tray.

“Oh! You son of a bitch,” Judy screamed in disgust, “We are leaving!” And with that, she scooped up her coat, buttoned the top of her blouse, grabbed Ralph by the arm and turned to go down the stairs.

“Go fucking die, Mel,” Ralph said as he turned to leave.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Ralph,” he shouted back, “And don’t worry about being invited to the neighborhood BBQ this summer either, because you’re never invited back to this house again, softy!”

“Oh yeah? Have fun explaining to your kids why they are never allowed to swim in our pool again!”

And with that, the door slammed and they were gone. There was a stiff silence in the air around Marie, Mel, and Cynthia. Marie coughed quietly.

Finally, Cynthia peeped up, “Do you guys still need me to take care of the kids for Thursday night?”

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