Cast You Out

In a world of stunning inqueries

And limited warranties

I saw you when the lightning flashed

Strange reflections in the moon's past

And then you moved through the shadows

I wish that i had one of those

Act right now and the second one's free

Two for one souls plus the shipping fee

White satin curtains play a veil

Til your rosy cheeks turn pale

I missed you before you're even gone

Leave flowers at your doorsteps and write you a song

It's become apparent that some ghosts aren't transparent

Enough I've had it up what i took for granted

At worst my demons left my views with a slant

At least they're equipped with a cute accent

Sometimes i see you when i look in the glass

A part of my reflection a part of my past

Cast you out i fell overboard

Spit salt water verses as i wash ashore

Sucked in by the tidal influence

Or maybe just a pair of unbuttoned pants

Cast you out but im the cast away

And to think i've been perfect to this day

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