What The Fuck Am I Doing?

She finally lays silent, damage complete

From her past to my present, I’ve seen it before

Somehow manage to end in self-defeat

These trivial “freak-outs” I have grown to abhore

It’s really not to late to hit the eject

But maybe I’m a headcase too, at least I’m a fool

Because here I stand, once I more I elect

To try save a girl from her past’s icy water so cool

I know I deserve better, hell she knows it too

So why am I still here? Why is she in my bed?

It’s not the first time; it’s actually one of a few

My life would be easier if my penis was dead

Hence I find myself sitting here blankly

Going out of my way for some girl

Who hours ago said she’ll never grow to love me

So angry at myself that it makes my head twirl

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